Can a urine test detect prostate problems

Clinical urine tests - Medicover Laboratory Can a urine test detect prostate problems, Why is laboratory testing important?

Urine test for prostate cancer?

Tartalom We are committed to help our patients to find a solution to these problems by providing urological exam as part of our screening packages. The early detection of diseases cannot be emphasized enough because it can provide patients with the most effective therapeutic solutions and the best chances of recovery.

can a urine test detect prostate problems

The above applies to urological diseases in general, and particularly to tumor diseases. At Szent István Health Centerscreening exams are available to detect disorders of the kidney, bladder and the male reproductory system, erectile dysfunctions, urinary stones and tumors, and we offer possible treatments, too. Our urologist uses different diagnostic methods: physical exams, urinary dipstick analysis, ultrasound scanning, PSA tests.

can a urine test detect prostate problems

If further examinations laboratory tests, X-ray, CT, MR or treatment are necessary, he refers the patient to the suitable health care provider. Contrary to popular belief, urological examinations are painless. Men may perceive slight discomfort during the rectal exam commonly called prostate exam.

Urine test for prostate problems

Diseases detected by urological exams can be treated with drugs in most of the cases. Surgical intervention is rarely needed.

can a urine test detect prostate problems

Our urologist can provide our patients with detailed information about surgical possibilities. Information about the most common urological disorders is collected in a separate article.

Additional urological examinations.

  1. Urology Urology deals with the diagnostics and treatment of congenital anomalies, functional disorders, tumourous, and inflammatory diseases, and lithiasis of the urinary system kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra in both genders.
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