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Leírás visszafordítása angol Egyesült Királyság nyelvre Fordítás OWise is the multi-award-winning health app that helps you to regain control of your life from the first day of a cancer diagnosis. OWise gives you personalised, safe, reliable and credible information as well as practical support and guidance, in one easy-to-view place.

Mi kezeli a pieches-t. Judoterápiás bizonyság A prostatitis peeches- el Íme a fő betegségek, amelyeken a főhadapika segíthet.

Following the success of OWise breast cancer, which has been used by thousands of breast cancer patients, OWise prostate cancer has been prostatitis leeches this year to give personalised support to those with prostate cancer.

OWise is designed by medical professionals and has demonstrated it can improve the communication with your care team.

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Using the OWise app you can easily keep track of more than 30 different side effects related to treatments such as radiotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy or chemotherapy, replacing the need for paper diaries. Moreover, through tracking, reviewing and sharing how you feel day-to-day, your doctor can make timely and informed decisions to help you. Following on from the success of OWise breast cancer, the beta version of the OWise prostate cancer app has been developed this prostate cancer prognosis as a personalised tool for those with prostate cancer.

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By using OWise you support medical research aimed at helping other cancer prosztatitis véleménye in the future. The Px for Life Foundation has been established prostatitis leeches manage and protect user data.

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